Greg and Catherine Sprunk, in a grassy field

Greg Sprunk is an entrepreneur of 35 years. He started a contract high pressure cleaning business in Phoenix in 1986, built it to 5 trucks and in 1991 purchased the local Landa dealership and sold the contract cleaning business. He is currently 59 years old.

He has grown that initial Phoenix dealership named Superior Cleaning Equipment Inc. to one of the top industrial cleaning and environmental dealerships in the US with a branch in San Diego (www.sceclean.com) He is known for his heavy investment in and love of technology, marketing and strong online presence as well as CAD design and large system sales in wash water treatment and packaged custom high pressure trailer systems.

Greg was the founding Chapter President of YEO, now EO (Entrepreneurs Organization), in Phoenix and has recently served on the Board of CETA (Cleaning Equipment Trade Organization) as Membership Chairperson and still serves on that committee.

Greg currently serves as President of Superior Cleaning Equipment Inc. and is married to author Catherine (Graves) Sprunk and together they have 6 children and 4 grandchildren. Greg loves to hunt, walk and listen to podcasts, play guitars, smoke cigars, bike and is a voracious reader including but limited to mystery novels and autobiographies.

This podcast is designed to be a combination of sharing ideas, instructional tips and will also feature industry guests as well as friends, customers, vendors and contacts that we hope will provide education, information, motivation and most importantly a good time.